John C. Spencer, chief of Janesville, Wis., has issued a very complete report of the workings of his department for the past year. There were ninety-two alarms of fire, sixty-six were box and bell alarms, eight were still alarms and eighteen incipient fires.

The total loss sustained was $5,562.64, divided as follows: $3,674.43 on buildings, $1,838.21 on contents. The uninsured loss was $1,025; $610 on buildings and $415 on contents. This leaves an insured loss of $4,536.64. The total amount of insurance carried on the property was $171,400.

The system of batteries now in use cost about two hundred a year to maintain. As they are much more expensive than storage batteries the chief is of the opinion that it would be an economy to change the system.

The water company has furnished ample pressure at all times during the year, and an accurate record has been kept of the pressure.

The purchase of four six-gallon and two ten-gallon extinguishers is recommended, the smaller ones to be carried on the hose carriages and the larger ones on the hook and ladder truck. Four additional Cooper hose jackets, two or three Eastman holders and nozzles and two Larkin relief valves would be good things for the department. Two hundred and eighty-five hydrants are now in use, for which the city paid the water company a rental, during 1901, of $6,500.69.

The chief also asks for an increase in the salaries of the paid men of the department. They are on doty twenty-one out of the twenty-four hours and should be paid a salary in keeping with the time they are on duty.

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