Jay Stevens Honored

Jay Stevens Honored

Jay W. Stevens, California State Fire Marshal, was honored on February 19 at a banquet jointly sponsored by the Southern California Fire Chiefs, the Northern California Fire Chiefs and the California State Firemen’s Association

Chief Stevens, who started fighting fires as a young rookie fireman in the Portland, Oregon, Fire Department, had recently been brought back to the post of State Fire Marshal, which he held for many years, by the new Governor, Earl Warren.

For the past year Chief Stevens has been in charge of the fire protection division of the Office of Civilian Defense for the Ninth Region. He has for many years been one of the leaders in organizations of fire chiefs.

The banquet followed an all day meeting of the representatives of the fire fighting organizations on the functioning of the state fire plan.

Under the new California State Wat Powers Act, mutual aid by the fire service and other protective services is made mandatory between cities in the event of extreme emergency such as invasion, bombing or a major disaster Fire is recognized as the greatest wartime hazard.

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