Jim Casey Named Editor of Fire Engineering

Jim Casey Named Editor of Fire Engineering

Effective July 1, James F. Casey was named editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, replacing Donald M. O’Brien who resigned to become general manager of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Jim Casey was appointed a New York City fireman in March 1938 and came to us in May 1962. In between those years, he had been an engineman and truckman both as private and officer. Thirteen of them he spent as a chief’s aide. He was also a free-lance writer who eventually became editor of WNYF Magazine, the nationally distributed official publication of the New York Fire Department.

As Jim puts it, “I didn’t feel a bit like i was leaving the fire service when I came to FIRE ENGINEERING.”

With Jim at the helm we know that we have a professional who has shared the common experiences of all fire fighters. And one who will understand their current problems.

When the first issue of FIRE ENGINEERING was published in 1877, as the National Fireman’s Journal, the editors pledged to keep fire fighters informed and “to instruct them as to the best means of doing their work and bearing their burdens.” This objective has never changed in 88 years. And it will continue to be our editorial policy under the guidance of Jim Casey.

It is interesting to note that one year after the National Firemans Journal was published it became the official publication of the National Association of Fire Engineers, forerunner of the IAFC. The ties, therefore, between FIRE ENGINEERING and the International Chiefs go back 87 years. They are strong ties based on mutual respect and cooperation. And ties that will continue in the years ahead.

Jim Casey and Don O’Brien will each be painting on a broader canvas, but they will be daubing from the same palette: A lifetime spent in and a dedication to the fire service.

We know that, with us, all readers extend to both men the heartiest well wishes on their challenging new assignments.

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