Join the 2000 Club

Join the 2000 Club

Two circulars have been sent out from the office of the secretary of the American Water Works Association, John M. Divcn, 153 West 71st Street, New York City, urging the members to do all in their power to raise the membership by adding 200 new active members between now and the annual convention, which takes place in Philadelphia on May 15 to 19. Excerpts from these two circulars follow:

The association was organized forty-one years ago and now has a membership of over 1,600, made up of water works officials, designing and consulting engineers and water supply chemists.

There are a number of local sections of the association, which hold more frequent meetings. Membership in the association includes membership in the local section in which you reside. The local sections now organized are: California, comprising

the State of California. Canada, including all of the Dominion of Canada. Central states, the States of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and western Pennsylvania. Four States, the States,of Maryland, Delaware, southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Illinois, the State of Illinois. Iowa, including States of Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Missouri. Minnesota, the State of Minnesota. New York, States of New York. Connecticut and northern New Jersey. North Carolina, the State of North Carolina. Other local sections will be formed as the membership increases.

The next annual convention will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., next May 15-19, and you are cordially invited to attend it. But join now and receive all notices of the convention, including the program. J. DIVEN, Secretary,

J. DIVEN, Secretary,

Dated February, 1922.

153 W. 71st St., New York, N. Y.

Join the 2000 Club

The association needs more money than its present income to fully carry out the important program planned for this association year. The amount must be made up by obtaining more members or the reserve funds of the association will have to be drawn on.

The approximate deficiency is $2,400. (The reserve fund is $12,000 par value of the Biberty Bonds in which it is invested.) Two hundred new active members will make up the amount needed. Bet us try to get the 200 members and leave the reserve fund intact.

It is “up to you” to do this. Three application blanks and three copies of a circular prepared to be sent to all known water works not represented in the association are enclosed. Send them with personal letters to some water works officials whom you know, that are not now represented in the association, or if you do not personally know that many such officials then to some neighboring water works that should be represented by having a member in the association; or to some water supply consulting engineer or water works chemist that you believe you can influence to join the association. Take up the matter of membership in the association with any non-member from whom you purchase supplies. Tell them of the benefits of the association, what it has done for you and what it will do for them. Tell them that competent committees are at work forming standards for all water works material and methods. Tell them about the conventions. Write convincing letters and send them with the circular enclosed. If every member will carry out this plan we will have many more than the 200 needed members, but lest some neglect it make your effort strong. One personal letter is worth 100 circulars and a letter from a member is more convincing than oflicial letters.

Yours for 2,000 members before the next convention.

February 1, 1922.


J. M. DIVEN, Secretary.


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