Joining the I. A. F. E.

Joining the I. A. F. E.

The action of the Ohio Chiefs’ Club taken at its convention in Columbus, Ohio, on June 5 and 6, as described in this week’s issue, in affiliating with the International Association of Fire Engineers was very wise and one that should be followed by all of the various chiefs’ organizations throughout the country which have not already taken this step. While the move in no way interferes with the individual liberty of action of the Club, it brings it into close touch with the International organization, which is a very important matter. It also emphasizes and endorses the I. A. F. E. as the representative of the fire chiefs of the country.

There is another consideration that should weigh heavily with state and sectional chiefs’ organizations in deciding them to follow the example of the Ohio and other such associations. It is the advantage that lies in organization and concentration of effort. Few will deny the truth that every fire chief in the country should belong to the I. A. F. E. and enjoy its advantages, but the added strength that would come with membership of the live, powerful chiefs’ organizations in its ranks would do much toward cementing its position as the representative body of the fire department heads of the country. Any common cause which the fire chief is interested in would receive much greater support if brought before the national body by one or more representative associations affiliating with it as organization members.

The action of the Ohio Chiefs’ Club should be followed by all other chiefs’ associations.

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