Joseph Waidelich, New Chief of Topeka

Joseph Waidelich, New Chief of Topeka

Chief Joseph Waidelich, Topeka, Kan.

THE new chief of the Topeka, Kan., fire department is Joseph Waidelieh, who received his appointment from Mayor James E. Thomas, of that city, on June 2, succeeding Chief Joseph Hanlon, who passed away on May 25 last.

Chief Waidelieh entered the Topeka fire department as a hoseman, on March 9, 1896. being assigned to Station No. 4. His first promotion came on September 11, 1899. when he was made a lieutenant, remaining at the same fire station.

He served in this capacity until May 1, 1904, when he was promoted to a captaincy, still at the same assignment.

On May 1. 1914, he was transferred to the headquarters at Station No. 2, and was at the same time appointed as building inspector. On July 15, 1915, he was made assistant chief of the department, and he remained in this position until elevated to the command of the city’s fire-fighting forces.

Chief Hanlon, as announced in EIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING at the time, died on May 25, after a long illness. He was stricken with paralysis while seated at his desk at headquarters on March 5, and remained in an unconscious condition for nearly a month, after which he apparently recovered, and was sent to Redondo Beach, Cal., where he died. During Chief Hanlons absence and until regularly appointed, Chief W aidelich acted as the head of the fire department.

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