Jottings by the Way.

Jottings by the Way.

(From Our Own Correspondent.)

LANCASTER, PA., NOV. 11.—The Lancaster fire department has four engines and one truck company. Each company has two full paid men, the rest (sin for each company) are call men. The chief is elected every three years by the members, the election being confirmed by the council. The present chief—and a most efficient one he is—is H. B. Vondersmith, who is serving his second term, The Gamewell fire alarm system is used. There have been no large fires lately, but the area is too much for the present force and two additional companies could be used to advantage. The force was changed from the volunteer to the pay system about seven years ago, and gives general satisfaction. What threatened to be a serious fire broke out on the night of November 7. in a livery stable. Four horses were burned, but, owing to the good work of the department, the loss will not be more than $2000. No improvements are con. templated just now, but something may be done in the spring.

They have a very good system of water-works here, the hydrants being set at every few yards in the business districts.

The duties of the chief are very arduous. Tie has to inspect the fire alarm system every day, and is kept generally pretty busy. A resolution was recently presented to the council asking that his salary be increased to $900, but this could not be done owing to some law or other, which prohibits the changing ol a salary during the term of the officeholder.

HARRISBURG, PA., November 13.—Mount Vernon Hook and Ladder Company has opened a fair to continue two weeks. The proceeds will be devoted to paying the cost of a tour to Montreal, Can,, next September. The company will also build a handsome engine-house in the spring to cost, Friendship Engine Company will also have a new house built next year.

Hope Engine Company’s house is being entirely rebuilt, and it is expected will be completed within two weeks, It will be a model house when finished and refurnished. Chief Kohler is a member of this company,

Reily Hose Company will give a masquerade ball Novemher 27, This company expects to get a new house in the spring and will try to get an engine also,

For speed and strength the Paxton Engine Company claims the champion engine horse in the country. It is a magnificent iron gray.

Friendship Company No. I will give a fair December 21 to January 4 inclusive. The proceeds will be devoted to purchasing much needed equipments.

The Goodwill Engine Company, not to be outdone, will erect what the members claim will be the finest house in the city. Next year, if the programme is carried out, there will be a fine set of engine buildings in the Keystone State’s capital.

The Gamewell system of fire alarm is in general use.

_ 0. A. W.

IRONWOOD, Mich.—Four years ago Ironwood, Mich., was a small mining camp, but to-day contains a population of about 7000. The district destroyed by fire some two years ago has been rebuilt, and the business portion contains mostly brick and stone buildings. The town expects within a year to own a system of water-works. The iron product this year has lieen larger than ever, and the future outlook for the town is very encouraging.

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