Judge Hoop Given Testimonial Dinner

Judge Hoop Given Testimonial Dinner

A testimonial dinner was tendered to Judge Harry M. Hoop, of Bronxville, N. Y., by the Eastchester Township, N. Y., Fire Department at the Tuckahoe Fire Headquarters, Tuckahoe, N. Y., on the evening of January 22. The occasion was also the celebration of the placing of the paid members of the department consisting of the Chief. Assistant Chief and 22 men, under civil service rules. Judge Hoop, who served two terms as President of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, being at present past-President of the organization, was instrumental, with Seth T. Cole, Chairman of the Law Committee, of the association, in having the men of the Eastchester department placed under civil service. The application to this end was made by Mr. Cole. Judge Hoop, with Chief Arthur Steuhl, of the Eastchester department, attended a hearing at Albany on October 18, 1934, before the New York State Department of Civil Service, and urged the extension of the Civil Service Rules to cover the Eastchester Fire Department’s paid men. The Civil Service Commission, at the meeting on October 18, adopted a resolution amending Civil Service Rule XXIV, extending to the paid men of the Eastchester Fire Department civil service protection. This action was approved by Governor Lehman on November 9, which automatically places all present paid men of the department in the competitive class of the classified civil service. Any future vacancies must be filled through examination by the Commission.

Beefsteak Dinner in Honor of Judge Harry Hoop

At the dinner, George T. Kelly, Trustee of the Firemen’s Home at Hudson, N. Y„ acted as Toastmaster. The following speakers paid tribute to the work of Judge Hoop for the volunteer firemen of the state:

Seth T. Cole, Franklin B. Holmes, Director, New York State Employees’ Retirement System; Chief Grabb, New Rochelle; Ex-Chief Hand, Mount Vernon; Chief John J. Brennan, Pelham Manor; Supervisor Richard Bennett, Eastchester Township; Fire Commissioners McNamara and Comstock. Eastchester; Fire Commissioner Curtin, Mount Vernon; Chief Chambers. Yonkers; Chief Gibson, Mount Vernon; Chief Steuhl, Eastchester. and Frank Wadelton, President. United Paid Firemen’s Association of Eastchester.

Judge Hoop was presented with gold mounted pen and pencil by the members of the Eastchester Fire Department. Among others present at the banquet were: Ike Hungerford. New York State Employees’ Retirement Systetn; Dr. Weston, Surgeon, Eastchester department; Assistant Chief White, Eastchester; Fire Commissioner Stewart, Eastchester; Captains Tobin and Corbett, Eastchester; William Gorman, Chairman. Board of Directors, Firemen’s Benefit Association, Eastchester, and others.

John T. Oliver, Chief of the Marblehead, Mass., Fire Department. has resigned because it is said he could not get his firemen to go to fires. The department has 150 volunteer firemen but response to alarms has been poor.

Officials of Atlantic City, N. J., have rescinded an order which forbade members of the Fire Department joining the International Association of Fire Fighters. Accordingly a charter has been granted to Local No. 198, Atlantic City

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