Judicious Use of Water Stems Stone Plant Fire

Judicious Use of Water Stems Stone Plant Fire

Prompt response and close cooperation between the Forest and Kenton, Ohio, Fire Departments last summer held losses to a minimum when fire involved the Herzog Lime & Stone Co., north of Forest.

The fire was discovered in the drier screen building, a 100 x 300 ft. structure, about 1:45 P.M., and was under control within one hour, although firemen fought it for three hours.

The building, of corrugated steel siding, roof and frame construction, contained machinery and stone, and firemen found it difficult to get at the fire in the combustible framework because of the stone storage inside.

Believed caused by an overheated belt on one of the conveyors, the fire ate its way through the building despite the work of firemen, who were handicapped by lack of water. At about 2:00 P.M. the latter summoned Kenton forces to aid and between the joint forces, the blaze was controlled before it could spread to other buildings in the plant.

Forest Fire Chief Morris Burk credited the use of 20,000 gallons of water, which Elmer Ropp of Forest hauled to the aid of the fire fighters, with helping control the blaze. The supplie’s hauled by his tanker were used by the Forest pumper to supply small lines operating directly on the fire. The Kenton firemen also pumped water to Forest apparatus, through an 800-ft. stretch of 2⅛in. line. Loss was approximately set at $15,000.

Prompt Response and Effective Cooperation of Both Forest and Kenton Fire Departments Kept Loss at a Minimum as a 100 by 300-Foot Corrugated Steel Siding and Roof Stone Drier Building Burned.General Exterior View of Dayton Drill Tower Looking Northwest
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