In Case You Missed It: July 2019 Firefighting Articles

Check out some of the Web-only articles, videos, and podcasts that ran on the Web site in July 2019.

Podcast: The Built Environment

In this episode of “The Built Environment,” host James Johnson is joined by special guests John Mittendorf and Vinnie Dunn to talk building construction. 


Humpday Hangout: Straight Talk: EAP and Peer Support Lessons Learned

In this Humpday Hangout, Dan DeGryse and company talk about the focus and components of a successful employee assistance program (EAP) and peer support program for your fire department.


Failing to Teach, or Teaching to Fail?

Are fire academies teaching the kind of tactics and techniques that will be most useful for firefighters in the “real world” situations of today’s fireground? Matt Adkins takes a critical look in this commentary.


Podcast: Talking Trucks and Equipment

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Editor Chris Mc Loone speaks with fire truck expert Bill Peters about compartmentation options for your next rig on this edition of the “Talking Trucks & Equipment” podcast. 


Engine Company EMS: Sometimes, You Have to Let Them Go

“There is no excuse for getting killed or injured by a previously unconscious patient. We are in complete control. It is up to us to maintain that control—or relinquish it,” writes Michael Morse.


Training Minutes: Chauffeur Training for the Tower Ladder

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike Ciampo reviews some tips to help your chauffeurs training on the tower ladder.


Podcast: Back Step Boys

In this episode of the “Back Step Boys,” host Ron Kanterman is joined by guest host Gary L. Krichbaum.


The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Assuming Office and Gaining Credibility, Continued

“Working with new members enhances an officer’s reputation and showcases his own personal example of command presence,” writes Thomas A. Merrill.


Podcast: Xtrication Radio

In this episode of “Xtrication Radio,” Dave Dalrymple looks at several emerging topics in vehicle rescue and extrication that are worth looking into.


Training Minutes Revisited: Tower Ladder Bucket Rescue

In this Training Minutes video, John Riker demonstrates how to position the tower ladder bucket to remove both conscious and unconscious victims.


Podcast: Women in Fire on Fire Camps

In this episode, members of Women in Fire (formerly iWomen) talk about the popularity and importance of fire camps for girls and young women.


Humpday Hangout: Implementing In-Service Training

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, host Robert James (RJ) of Capitol Fire Training and the rest of the panel talk to guest Bob McCaa about implementing in-service training.


Training Minutes: Encountering an Aggressor on a Call

In this new Training Minutes video, Steve Hamilton and company demonstrate the actions a crew may undertake when confronted with a gunman while responding to a medical call.


First-Due Battalion Chief: The Rapid Intervention Team

“It is easy for everyone on scene to become complacent. We must be vigilant and take every precaution necessary to keep our fellow firefighters out of harm’s way; if they do get in trouble, be ready to help them,” writes Daniel P. Sheridan.


Podcast: Sons of the Flag: Life After Being Injured on the Job

In this three-part podcast series, members of the Sons of the Flag speak with Andy and Amanda Allison as they discuss life after Andy sustained an injury that forced him to medically retire from the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department. 


Podcast: Command Show

In this episode of the “Command Show” podcast, Anthony Kastros discusses firefighter job satisfaction, size-up, victim profiling, aggressive search, and putting the civilian victim first.


What the Construction Industry Needs to Know About the Fire Service

“The buildings of today become our work environments of tomorrow, and any changes to building materials and systems directly impact the way we perform our duty,” writes James Johnson.


Holmatro Quick Cuts: Removing Seat Backs Safely

In this new Holmatro Quick Cuts video, Steve White and company demonstrate a method for removing seat backs with victim safety in mind. They also cover extrication scene size-up and potential hazards such as air bags.


Podcast: The Command Post: Dedication, Selflessness, and Honor

On this episode of “The Command Post” podcast, Rick Lasky and John Salka talk about the fire service’s legacy of selflessness and honor. 





Preventing Firefighter Deaths: A Moving Target

Over the past 10 years, national firefighter line-of-duty death numbers have leveled off to below 100 annually. Writing for the National Volunteer Fire Council, Tim Bradley explores the effectiveness of national fire service programs. 


Training Minutes Revisited: Flaking Out a Handline Off-Room

In this Training Minutes video, Ray McCormack shows you how to flake out a handline in an off-room or apartment when preparing to advance a hoseline on the fire room/apartment.


Humpday Hangout: Fighting Heat from the Inside Out

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin and the rest of the panel will discuss the danger of heat-related illnesses.


Training Minutes: Spinal Motion Restriction

In this Training Minutes video on EMS, Mike McEvoy discusses the goal of limiting movement of the spine in a patient who may have sustained a spine injury.


Back to Basics: Pulling the Flat Load Off the Rig

Mark van der Feyst takes a look at one of the more common hose loads found on fire apparatus.


Podcast: Generation Engine

In this podcast, Anthony Rowett, Todd Edwards, and Joe Ficarelli talk engine company operations with Chief Mo Davis from the Houston (TX) Fire Department.


Podcast: F.O.O.L.S. Radio

In this podcast, Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (F.O.O.L.S.) Education/Training Chair Robbie Fisher talks with Ben Fleagle, F.O.O.L.S. secretary, about the organization, Ben’s involvement over the years, leadership, and more.


Podcast: The National Registry of EMTs: Past, Present, and Future

In the July 2019 edition of the “Firemedically Speaking” podcast, JEMS Executive Editor Mike McEvoy talks with Executive Director Bill Seifarth about what the National Registry is, what it is not (including some common misperceptions), the ways the Registry has evolved, and the current project underway to build a better future by strenghthening the registry’s core.


Training Minutes Revisited: VES Ops

In this Training Minutes video, Frank Ricci and Anthony Avillo discuss the potential hazards, missteps, and proper execution of VES operations.


Training Minutes: Electric-Driven Building Fire Pump

In this episode of Training Minutes, Paul Dansbach looks at the component parts of an electric-driven fire pump for a high-rise building.


Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires: The ISFSI & UL FSRI 2017 Joint Research Project

The ISFSI offered 50 Assistance to Firefighters Grant program-funded, eight-hour “Understanding and Fighting Basement Fire” courses throughout the United States in 2018 and is producing a training video featuring a general overview of the course. 


Commonsense Code Changes Keep Construction Sites Fire Safe

Construction Fire Safety Coalition Administrator Raymond O’Brocki offers this indepth look at how strict adherance to fire codes protect fire service members and civilians alike on construction sites.


Mayday Monday: Know Your SCBA

This month’s Mayday Monday is dedicated to Firefighter Daniel Groover of the Houston (TX) Fire Department. Learn about his story and practice a related drill.


Larry Conley

Podcast: The Larry Conley Show

In this podcast, hosts Larry and David Conley and Mamma Elaine are joined by guest host Tiffanye Wesley. The group speaks with Battalion Chiefs Queen Anunay and Kishia Clemencia of D.C. Fire & EMS and Trisha L. Wolford, chief of the Anne Arundel County (MD) Fire Department.



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