June 1889: Johnstown Flood, Seattle Fire, Fall River (MA), and the San Diego Flume


The Johnstown (PA) Flood occurred 130 years ago on May 31, 1889; see the June 8, 1889 Fire and Water reference in “Topics of the Day” column HERE and an initial article, “Bursting of the Conemaugh Lake Dam” HERE. The June 15, 1889 issue include a mention in the “Topics” column, and articles “How the Dam Broke” HERE and “The Broken Dam” HERE.  Later that month, 25 remaining buildings burned in a fire, as mentioned in the “Topics” column in the June 29, 1889 issue HERE.

In then-Washington Territory, on June 6, 1889, Seattle suffered a fire that severely damaged its business district, as noted in the June 15, 1889 “Topics” column HERE, and described article in the same issue HERE

June 8, 1889 “special number” (cover HERE)offered a description of the bustling industrial city of Fall River, Massachusetts, HERE, covering the city’s industry, its fire department, and its water supply. The city hosted the New England Water Works Association that year. 

An article on the 45-mile-long flume to bring water to San Diego, California, is found in “The San Diego (CA) Flume” HERE.

Typhoid fever was still a significant health threat in 1889, partly due to the location of wells and near cesspools and other sources of pollution, as seen in “Poisoned Water” HERE. Meanwhile, the June 1, 1889 “Topics ” column references a dispute between the New Jersey cities of Newark and Passaic over discharging sewage into the Passaic River HERE.

On the lighter side, the June 8, 1889 Fire and Water describes “A Terrible Temptation” HERE.

Finally, here is a typical Fire and Water cover from that era, HERE and some vintage advertisements HERE.

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