June is Membership Drive Month for National Association of Hispanic Firefighters

The National Association of Hispanic Firefighters (NAHF) has designated the month of June as its membership drive month.

The NAHF’s goal is to gain 150 new members. Join now to save almost 50 percent off the annual membership dues. This is also a great time to renew your membership.

When you become an official member of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters, you can take advantage of the following membership benefits:

  • Conference discounts
  • Access to the members-only section of the NAHF Web site (www.nahf.org)
  • Participation opportunities in NAHF committees
  • Executive board opportunities
  • Access to mentor program
  • Free advertisements for your business
  • Discounted services in your area
  • A free subscription to the NAHF monthly electronic newsletter

The cost of becoming a member reflects the cost of producing its publication, combined with a portion of the costs required to run the organization. These additional costs include staff salaries, equipment costs, maintenance, and so on.

Since 1995, The NAHF has been a member-driven organization that focuses first and foremost on those who support it. The NAHF strives to reciprocate this support while also providing education and advocacy regarding the fire service. To achieve these goals, the organization uses the power of various informational resources, job networking techniques, products related to the fire service, and conferences. Although the NAHF is technically designed for Hispanic firefighters, membership expands beyond this specific group alone.

Membership includes men and women of all races, ethnic background, creeds, and ranks who seek to make the fire service a professional place where women and men from different backgrounds can work together harmoniously. In addition to the diverse background of its members, the NAHF also includes institutional members, such as fire departments and union locals.

Because the organization speaks specifically for Hispanic professionals in the firefighting industry, its membership continues to grow from both Hispanic members with a personal connection to the cause, as well as those of other cultures and trades who just want to offer their support. Its diverse list of professional members includes hundreds of firefighters and officers from urban fire departments, state, and federal wildland agents, EMTs, paramedics, inspectors, dispatchers, and fire service educators.

In addition to these outside professionals, the NAHF includes career firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and rescue personnel both in the United States and in countries across the world. Despite the diverse background of each NAHF member, all are united in the commitment to the cause of the organization.

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