Juniors Sell Corn for Polio

Juniors Sell Corn for Polio

The Henrietta Township Fire Department, Francis Rightmyer, Chief, is an up-and-coming organization. Among its attributes is the Henrietta Junior Fire Fighters, a group of youngsters 12 to 18 years of age. They originally comprised a group of Explorer Scouts, but became interested in fire fighting, and promoting the interests of the local fire forces. Their activities include fire patrol in the schools, providing water for the department’s high – pressure rig (using a pick-up truck and 40-quart milk cans), and assisting in the coffeeand-sandwich detail. According to the Chief, they also “polish the bright work.” The most “junior” member is 7-year-old Dale Arntz who happens to be Chief Rightmyer’s grandson.

Dick Harmon, a Polio victim and member of the Junior Firefighters, is shown receiving the check and passing it on to Arthur Dolan, Chairman for the 1955 March of Dimes in Jackson County, Mich. Also shown, from left to right, are Wendell Gee, Explorer Adviser; Mike Allen, Robert Cowing, Graydon Garfield, and Fire Chief Francis P. Rightmyer.Allentown's award-winning junior fire fighters.

Latest enterprise of the Henrietta Junior Fire Fighters was the drive “Corn for Polio.” At 7:30 A.M. on Jan. 29, last, with the thermometer at 2 degrees below zero, the lads began collecting corn from farmers in the Township, which they sold, giving the proceeds to the 1955 March of Dimes.

A total of $185 was realized. The boys drove jeeps with trailers attached for the operation. At noon time lunch was served them at the fire station by the Chief’s wife, the food itself coming from the families of other firemen. Altogether a cold job, but for a worthy cause.

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