Kansas City Firemen Killed in Collission

Kansas City Firemen Killed in Collission

A member of the Kansas City, Mo., fire department was killed and several others were injured on December 8 when No. 18 fire truck collided with an automobile.

The touring car was being driven west on Twenty-second Street, while the fire truck was going north on Prospect Avenue. The owner, who was at the wheel, said he was driving slowly, but was unable to turn out in time to avoid the fire truck as he drove onto Prospect Avenue.

Members of the company declared that Driver Harrison J. Staats, who was crushed to death under the truck when it overturned, swerved the heavy fire truck too sharply in attempting to avoid a smash-up with the car. The sharp swing of the truck caused it to turn over. Staats was pinned underneath. Chief Alexander Henderson, of the fire department superintended the righting of the truck to free Staats’s body.

A tie-up of traffic followed the crash. On a street car near the scene was Mrs. Staats, wife of the dead fireman. She saw the smashed-up truck and left the car to investigate. Other firemen recognized her and stopped her before she reached her husband’s body. She was taken home, hysterical.

Other members of the fire crew on the truck were thrown in all directions when it went over. They received cuts and bruises. All, however, went to work trying to extricate Staats from beneath the truck. They later were taken to a hospital, then home.

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