Kansas City News.

Kansas City News.

(From Our Regular Correspondent.)

In your issue of December 31, in referring to a fire in the Atlas Carriage Works at Kansas City, Mo., you say “the water tower became disabled and was rendered useless.” This statement is misleading, and in justice to Chief Hale should be corrected. The facts are that the hose leading into the tower burst near the frame of the same. The tower was not disabled in the least, and could easily have been used at the fire had not the water pressure given out. Speaking of the water pressure here, it was the 30-inch water main which burst, not only shutting off available fire pressure for the streams but absolutely draining the entire pipe system of the main part of the city, even for domestic purposes. This is the fourth time this main has burst, leaving the city to the mercy of the flames. Chief Hale promptly sent a written communication to the Mayor and board of public works, setting forth the facts in the case and reciting date and location of these four bursts, and pointing out the absolute necessity of at once providing more fire steamers and a system of large fire cisterns interspersing the city.

The chief was informed that the city council will take immediate action in the matter. For years past Chief Hale has made a repeated practice of calling the official attention of the municipal authorities to the danger of meeting just such a condition as we are now confronted with.

There were 159 persons saved from death by fire or smoke from burning buildings during the year 1892 by the Kansas City Fire Department. In all cases these persons were rescued from upper stories by use of the ladders, and would certainly have perished had not this rescue come.

Superintendent Pelletier of the insurance patrol here has fitted up a shop with all requisites, and will hereafter manufacture all covers needed in his line.

Latest Fire Patents.

(Reported Expressly for FIRE AND WATER.)

Automatic fire extinguisher W. S. Purifoy, Furman, Ala.; fire alarm, W. J. Schweiger, New York, N. Y.; fire alarm whistle valve, G. W. Brown, W. Newbury, Mass.; water fib ter, J. E. Welling, Cynthiana, Ky.; fire escape, R. N. Bruce, Sperryville, Va.; fire extinguisher, W. H. Stratton, Providence, R. I.; fire extinguisher valve, W. H. Stratton, Providence, R. I.; fire or burglar alarm, E. La France, Worcester, Mass.; hose pipe coupling (two patents), C. A. G. Stortz, Frankfort-on-Main, Germany; tapping machine, W. H. Doolittle, Chicago, Ill.; automatic tap, W. H. Doolittle, Chicago, Ill.; disk water meter, J. A. Tilden, Hyde Park, Mass.; water elevator, H. R. Winkelmann, Jacksonville, Fla.

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