Kansas City Switches To 3-Platoon System

Kansas City Switches To 3-Platoon System

The Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department switched to the three-platoon system effective October 1st, according to an announcement by its chief, Edgar M. Grass.

The new setup resulted in nine new chiefs, 55 captains and 80 drivers, the biggest promotion list in the history of the department.

Kansas City firemen now work 56 hours a week instead of 67.2 as before. They are on duty 24 hours and off 48. Their shifts formerly ran 24 hours on and 24 hours off.

Herbert J. Hughes was appointed deputy fire chief after having served as a battalion chief since November, 1950 and Cecil Buis was appointed battalion chiefsupervisor of fire training. He formerly was drillmaster.

Other new chiefs include: Stanton M. Gladden, George H. Raines, Marvin L. Tomlinson, Roy Brown, Wallace A. Parker, John H. Waas and Emmett Schmitt.

The Kansas City Fire Department now has three deputy chiefs, 15 battalion chiefs and 132 captains, said Chief Grass.

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