Chiefs’ and State Firemen’s Association to Hold Sessions in Wichita.

Wichita, Kan., will be the scene of the first annual convention of the Kansas State Fire Chiefs’ Association on October 8 and the thirtieth annual convention of the Kansas State Firemen’s Association is to be held October 9 to 11.

Kansas Chiefs’ Meeting.

The program for the first annual meeting of the Kansas State Fire Chiefs’ Association in Wichita, Kan., on October 8, includes the following: Address by John McNarry, chief of the Kansas City fire department; address by John Compton, chief of the Atchison fire department; address by John Hanlon, chief of the Topeka fire department. The following will be subjects of general discussion open to all: “Prevention of Fires,” “The Proper Use of Firemen’s Benefit Fund,” and “The Effect of Mutual Insurance Companies on Firemen’s Relief Fund.”

State Firemen’s Convention.

The following program has been arranged for the 30th annual convention of the Kansas State Firemen’s Association in Wichita, on October 9, 10 and 11: First Day—Address of welcome; response, Chief George T. Mohrbacher, Marysville; roll call of officers and delegates; appointment of committees; topic, “Prevention of Fires,” Chief John McNarry, Kansas City; topic, “Adequate Fire Alarms,” Charles F. Maulin; topic, “Motorizing a Volunteer Fire Department,” Chief George Obenland, Clay Center. The Firemen will visit the International Wheat Show during the afternoon and evening. At 7:30 p. m., exhibition by the Wichita fire department. Second Day—All visiting firemen will meet at the city hall and form for parade to the Princess Theatre, where the following program will be given: Address by Hon. Walter H. Bennett, former state fire marshal of Illinois; address, L. T. Hussey, state fire marshal of Kansas; address, J. Bart Foster, past president of Oklahoma Firemen’s association; subject, “Municipalities—Their Duties to Fire Chiefs and Departments.” Automobile ride over Wichita ending at Riverside Club for dinner. Third Day— The program will be held in the city hall. A roundtable discussion will take the place of papers. It will be on matters pertaining to fire prevention, fire extinguishing and fire department service for both paid and volunteer service. The election of officers and the selection of the meeting place for next year will close the program of the convention.

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