Comparison of Years 1924 and 1925 Some Interesting Figures Efficiency of Department Shown

FIRE CHIEF JOHN KENLON of New York has filed with the fire Commissioner of that city the statistical report of the fire fighting branch of the New York Department, for the year ended December 31, 1925. As New York is the largest city on the Western Hemisphere the annual report of its Fire Chief is always of interest to the fire fighting profession; consequently, it is set forth here in greater detail than most annual reports are usually treated. For the purpose of comparison, the statistics for the year 1924 are also green: During the year 1925, New York City, with a population of 5,873,356, an area of 314.75 miles or 201,446 acres, containing 567,954 buildings (all kinds) with a property assessment of $11,155,299,900, had a fire loss of $18,869,085 which is an increase of $184,250 over the year 1924.

Chief John Kenlon, New York City,

The per capita loss was $3.21 last year as against $3.10 for the year 1924.

The efficiency of the department may be determined from the fact that 90% of 22,849 fires were confined to the point of origin, which is 1 per cent better than the number of fires confined to the point of origin in 1924.

The city is divided politically into five boroughs or counties, all under one municipal government. Therefore, the losses for the year 1925 are set forth by boroughs, as follows:

The Fire Battalion district in which most fires occurred last year was No. 12 in the east side of Harlem. That battalion had 1,085 fires in 1925 as against 1,071 in the year 1924. The nearest approach to this was in the 44th battalion in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn where there were 1,041 fires, as against 933 in the year 1924. DALY.

New Central Fire Station for Burlington, Vt.&emdash;Specifications are being prepared for the new central fire station for Burlington, Yt.

Little Valley, N. Y„ Re-elects Chief—W. F. Andrew was re-elected chief of Little Valley, N. Y., and S. L. Worth, and R. F. Fox, first and second chief respectively.

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