Kenosha Fire Engine and Truck Co.

Kenosha Fire Engine and Truck Co.

The Winther Motor Company, of Kenosha, Wis., has changed its name to Kenosha Fire Engine and Truck Company. The change of name is made to better indicate the nature of the company’s products.

The change is in name only, according to the company, and there are no other changes involved, the corporate structure, management and officers of the company remaining the same as before.

The present company purchased for cash the plant in Kenosha about three years ago, and since then has specialized in fire engines although still maintaining its motor truck department.

The preceding Winther Motor Truck Company had built a number of fire engines, some of which have been in service approximately 10 years. These were both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.

In the past two years the company has completely redesigned their fire engine models. Only six-cylinder motors are used in their fire equipment. The smallest is a 300-gallon outfit, and the larger ones are 400 gallons, 450 gallons, 500 gallons, 750 gallons and 1,000 gallons. All of these models are manufactured in varying lengths of wheel base, making them suitable for Double Combination. City Service Ladder Trucks or Tractors for aerial trucks as well as pumping engines.

Denver’s Pension Fund—The county of Denver, Col., will receive nearly $41,000 as its share of the fund for firemen’s pensions.

Ingraham, Pa., Elects Chief—A. V. Crawford has been elected chief of the fire department, at Ingram, Pa., and W. H.. Siegfreid, assistant.

Memorial for Chief Crawley—Anniversary mass for the late Chief Joseph Crawley of New York fire department, was held January 12, at the Church of St. John, the Evangelist.

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