Kentucky Firemen fo Hold Training School

Kentucky Firemen fo Hold Training School

The first annual Firemen’s Training School is to be held at the Training School of the University of Kentucky, Lexington, on February 12 to 14. It will be under the auspices of the Kentucky Firemen’s Association, the University and the Kentucky Municipal League. The lectures will he held at the Training School, the demonstrations at the Department of Buildings and Grounds of the University and the evolutions at the Lexington Fire Department Training Tower. The cooperating organizations are National Board of Fire Underwriters, Western Actuarial Bureau, the Fire Departments of Lexington and Louisville. Ky., Insurance Department of Kentucky and Kentucky Actuarial Bureau. Exhibits of arson pictures are to be by Chief Burris Hensley. Ashland, and Chief Frank Northcutt, Covington. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Tuomlny, February 12

8:30-9 Registration—Auditorium, University Training School.

9-9:15 Opening Remarks—Prof. J. W. Manning. Chairman, University Committee on Public Service Courses.

9.15-10—“Training Men in Fire Fighting,” A. N. May, State Supervisor, Trade and Industrial Education.

10-11—“Equipment of a Fire Department,” Col. Clarence Gold-

smith. Ass’t. Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago.

Exhibit—Lexington Fire Department.

11-12—“Maintenance of Fire Apparatus,” S. G. Render, Ass’t.

Chief, Louisville Fire Department.

12-1—Luncheon—University of Kentucky Cafeteria.

1-2—“Modern Methods of Fire Fighting,” Chief J. W. Just,

Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago.

2-3—“Salvage,” S. G. Render, Ass’t. Chief, Louisville Fire

Department (illustrated with motion picture). Demonstration by Lexington Fire Department under direction of Drillmaster J. E. Berryman.

3.4—“Chemistry of Fire,” R. N. Maxson, Professor of Chemistry, University of Kentucky.


Wednesday, February III

9-10—“Law and the Fireman,” R. W. Keenon, Attorney, State

Fire Prevention Bureau.

10-11—“Arson and Arson Investigation.” W. Malcolm Brown,

Deputy Insurance Commissioner, State of Kentucky.

11-12—“Fire Department Records.”


1-2—“Fire Prevention and Building Inspection,” John Krusen-

klans, Inspector, Louisville Fire Department.

2-3—“Ventilation,” W. S. Lipscomb, Secretary, Lexington Fire

Department (Demonstration).

3-4—“Exposures,” Albert Clements, Engineer, Kentucky

Actuarial Bureau.

4-5—Sprinkler Demonstration—Girl’s Dormitory, J. L. Thomp-

son, Engineer, Kentucky Actuarial Bureau.

Thursday, February 14

9-10—“Rules and Regulations of a Volunteer Fire Dept.,”

Russell Dyche, President, Kentucky Firemen’s Association.

10-11—”Electrical Hazards,” Roy Chanaberry, Manager. Ken-

tucky Electrical Inspection Bureau (Demonstration).

11-12—“Hydraulics,” Col. Clarence Goldsmith, Ass’t. Chief

Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago.


1-2:30—“First Aid and Life Saving,” J. B. Allen, Safety Director, Hazard Coal Fields, Hazard.

2:30-4—“Evolutions,” Chief Harry K. (Smoky) Rogers, Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago.

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