Keys for Fire Boxes.

Keys for Fire Boxes.

To the Editor:

Will you kindly give your views on the best and most satisfactory method of distributing keys to police and fire alarm boxes. We have a telephone system in this city and have locks to boxes same as Gamewell and other systems. Keys are left with private individuals nearest the boxes. These are often not accessible and we are endeavoring to remedy this lack of efficiency in the system, which otherwise works satisfactorily. Your expression of a remedy would be highly appreciated by the police and fire departments of this city.



Clerk Board Police Commissioners.

St. Joseph, Mo.

We have it upon the authority of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co., that if the boxes in the system spoken of have trap locks in which the key when used is trapped and cannot be removed without a master key, all keys should be numbered consecutively on handle and blade, and when distributed the name of the person holding key should be registered so as to keep a complete record. When key is used it is trapped.thereby holding the person in whose name the key is registered responsible for the alarm. In distributing keys to private houses in the neighborhood of the box locations, we advise attaching to key large brass kev-tag which insures it against loss or being carried away in the pocket. These keys are also numbered and registered.

The Washington, D. C., district commissioners have ordered that a twelve-inch water main be made from the proposed reservoir and Fort Reno to the intersection of Brightwood avenue and Shepherd road by the way of De Russey and South street, Grant, Long Branch, Rock creek ford and Military road, at an estimate cost of $29,920. They also ordered the laying of a water main on 7th street from Military road to Piney Branch road, to Vermillion street and thence to Carroll street, at an estimated cost of $9,547.50.

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