KisselKar Sprinkler and Flusher in Butte

KisselKar Sprinkler and Flusher in Butte

The KisselKar combination street sprinkler and flusher has demonstrated beyond a doubt to the city of Butte, Montana, that it can easily take the place of six horse-drawn street sprinklers during the day and four horsedrawn street flushers at night. The water tank used is made of steel and is of 1,000 gallons capacity. It is mounted on a 3 1/2-ton KisselKar chassis and is connected to a twostage centrifugal pump, which is fastened to the main frame of the truck. A 2 1/2-inch pipe connects the tank to the pump. From the discharge pipe, one outlet goes to the sprinkler heads, which are located in front of the radiator, and one to a flushing nozzle located on either side of the truck, just back of the front wheels. This construction makes it possible for the operator of the machine to see just what he is doing at all times, eliminating possibility of wetting passing pedestrains or frightening teams. The demonstration required by the Mayor and city officials of Butte was to have the two main streets sprinkled at a time in the day when traffic was heaviest. This was accomplished without wetting anyone on the street, and every foot of pavement that was not in use was sprinkled. The device will sprinkle a street sixty feet wide when driven through the middle of the street. The capacity of the tank, 1,000 gallons of water, will sprinkle from seven to eight blocks, against an ordinary horse-drawn sprinkler’s one block. The centrifugal pump, which furnishes the water pressure to the sprinkling heads and flusher nozzle, is driven by a motor and will give the same pressure up to the very moment the tank is empty as when the tank is full. The sprinkling nozzles are controlled by hand levers located conveniently to the driver, making it possible to control the amount of water passing through nozzles, or the distance water is to be thrown on either side. One nozzle may be cut off entirely, or both cut off, as conditions may require. The flusher nozzles are made adjustable so that water can be directed at right angles with the machine for washing pavements, or the nozzle may be turned directly ahead for washing gutters, or the nozzles may be directed under the car for washing refuse to the lower curb. The average pressure on the flusher nozzle is sixty pounds to the square inch, and on the sprinkler heads thirtyfive to forty pounds. The machine travels at a speed of ten miles per hour when sprinkling, and four and a half to five miles per hour when flushing. The tank is fitted with standard connections for attaching standard fire hose to hydrants and with the ordinary city pressure, the tank can be filled in two minutes through a standard two and a half inch hose. It may be filled at any hydrant, thus doing away with the ordinary standpipe used for horse-drawn sprinklers and flushers. The tank is fitted with a gauge which makes it possible for the operator to know when the tank is full, thus eliminating the overflowing of tank and a mudhole at filling station. The entire machine is operated by one man at a cost of less than fifteen dollars per day, which figures include depreciation at twenty per cent.,


insurance, interest on investment, gasoline, oil, driver’s salary and repairs. As the sprinkling land flushing season lasts only about six months, the Kissel Motor Car Company have arranged for removing the 1,000-gallon water tank and the water pump and replacing them with their steel dump body and hydraulic, hoist, making the machine serviceable throughout the year. The Kissel Motor Car Company are the originators and, so far as known, at present the only manufacturers of a motor combination sprinkler and flusher that is driven and controlled by one man, and which can be successfully operated regardless of traffic conditions. This machine may also be used for fighting fires in outlying districts where there are no water mains. The pumps will supply one line of standard two and onehalf inch hose which may be connected to either flusher opening, the pressure being determined by the speed of the motor. This KisselKar combination sprinkler and flusher is also furnished on a six-ton chassis, with a fifteen hundred gallon tank.

Pressure is produced by taking water by gravity from botto mof tank into two stage centrifugal pump directly connected to motor. Pressure can be had from 20 to 60 pounds, according to speed of motor. Water is forced from pumps into distributing pipes and out through adjustable nozzles for flushing and through pipes to sprinkling attachments of vehicle type. The sprinkler will sprinkle the full width of a 60-foot street from curb to curb, or can be closed down to 20, 30, 40 Or 50-foot streets, and can be cut off at any time, both sides at once or either side separately, making it possible to sprinkle in a street where the traffic is unlimitedly heavy. One tank of water will flush a distance of 3 1/2 blocks. The KisselKar combination street sprinkler and flusher travels at a speed of ten miles an hour when sprinkling, and 4 1/2 to 5 miles per hour when flushing.


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