Know Bill Kranzley?

Know Bill Kranzley?

BILL is Chief of the Allentown, Pa., Fire Department, as well as a volunteer booster for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

WE have just received his check and order for the renewal of his subscription for 1921, and as a postscript to the letter he writes:

My Recommendation

I regard FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as the best publication along Fire Department linesthe best and most helpful Information Bureau that a chief or marshal of any fire department could possibly want. We all need it in the execution of our duties.

(SIGNED) Wm. R. Kranzley, Chief, Allentown, Pa., Fire Dept.”

FRANK E. SOULÉ, the live-wire exChief of the Coatesville Department, is another Pennsylvania fire fighter who is well known to many of our readers. He says:

“I consider FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING unquestionably the BEST publication today for fire officials. If carefully read, a great deal of valuable knowledge can be gained from your pages.”

WE sincerely hope that these friends of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING truly reflect your own sentiments. Do they?

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