Knoxville, Tenn., Fire Department Commended

Knoxville, Tenn., Fire Department Commended

Knoxville’s participation in national Fire Prevention week was marked by a loss of less than $225 from fires from October 2 through October 9, the last day of the campaign, according to an announcement by Chief Sam B. Boyd, of the fire department.

The chief has received the following letter from C. D. Beardsley, branch manager of the Tennesee Inspection Bureau:

“My dear Boyd:

“The splendid work you are doing in co-operation with the press to make effective the purpose of Fire Prevention Week, is most extraordinary; likewise through your splendid organization of fire fighters. The city of Knoxville is most fortunate in having as its fire chief your good self, always on the job, prepared and active in the best interests of its citizens.”

The chief expressed his gratification at the co-operation that has been extended the fire department in its inspection work. As a general rule, all buildings visited were in spendid condition with fire hazards reduced to a minimum, he said. He also expressed his gratification at the educational campaign conducted through the press, the fireunderwriters, the board of Commerce committees and the Boy Scouts.

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