Koen Heads Massachusetts Firemen

Koen Heads Massachusetts Firemen

Deputy Chief J. S. Koen

Deputy Chief James S. Koen, of Salem, was elected President of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association at the closing session of the 51st annual convention which was held in Pittsfield.

The other officers chosen are: Joseph J. King, of Lawrence, First Vice-President; F. T. J. McNamara, of Swampscott, Second VicePresident; M. Joseph Manning, of Milton, Treasurer; and Daniel J. Looney, of Boston, Secretary.

Capt. John Day, of Lynn; James A. S. Drinkwater, of Cambridge; and Raymond W. Griffen, of Springfield, were elected to the Board of Directors.

Among the speakers at the convention which ended on Oct. 2 were Chief William C. Shepard, of the Pittsfield fire department; Fire Commissioner Edward F. McLoughlin, of Boston; E. E. Williamson, Superintendent of Maintenance, B.F.D.; and Police Chief John L. Sullivan, of Pittsfield.

President Koen is serving his second term as head of the organization, having been first elected in 1927. He now succeeds Chief William H. Hawkins, of Haverhill, who served two terms as President.


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