L. A. County Builds Mobile Station

L. A. County Builds Mobile Station

The Los Angeles County Fire Department currently has under construction its first “permanent-portable” station.

Station 117 is being erected in Lancaster in the Antelope Valley region of the county on land leased on a long-term basis from the State Fairgrounds Association.

The 2,676-square-foot station is designed to house two pieces of apparatus and will have work room, hose storage, oil room, kitchen and recreation room combined, toilet and locker room, eightbed dormitory, and office.

The building is constructed of steel panels and insulated with a steel roof. It will have forced air heating and evaporative air cooling because of the extremely hot summers in the Antelope Valley.

“We are erecting this type of station,” explained Assistant Chief Victor Petroff, “because at present the expansion of Lancaster cannot be predicted. If the city grows in another direction, the station can be readily moved.”

Lancaster is the center of the booming region on the edge of the Mojave Desert which is near the huge Air Force test center at Edwards Air Force Base and Palmdale Test Center for major aircraft companies.

Total cost of the station will be $45,000 including hose tower, gas pump and tank, paving and built-in kitchen appliances.

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