L. A. Industrial Fires Cripple 6 Plants

L. A. Industrial Fires Cripple 6 Plants

Three major loss fires during a three week period in Los Angeles crippled six industrial occupancies and caused damages estimated by owners at more than $850,000. Although all three blazes were in somewhat close proximity to each other, it is doubted whether they had any connection.

Most severe of the fires occurred early November 16 in a two-story, 46-year-old building at the northeast corner of Central Avenue and East 32nd Street. The 100 by 300 foot brick building housed the Nehms Co., cardboard box factory; the City Carpet Dyers, Inc., and the California Carpet Company.

Five firemen were injured in the predawn blaze when walls collapsed or were pulled down by firemen.

Assistant Fire Chief Ronald T. Robertson who commanded 15 fire companies reported, “It looks as if the fire started on the first floor in the dyeing plant, but we haven’t been able to determine the cause yet.”

Officials of the concerned companies estimated their losses at more than $600,000.

The second major loss, also in a carpet occupancy, caused an estimated $150,000 damage, October 24, to the plant of the Main Stay Rug Manufacturing Company at 1634 S. Main Street. Heaviest loss occurred in the rear storage area where the fire is believed to have started.

Two East Side plants were partly destroyed, November 2, when flames caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to the Solomon Mill Supply Corporation, 1005 Mateo Street and the adjacent PlastiChrome Corporation. A cafe also was lost.

More than 2000 bales of rags and paper were destroyed in the fire fought by 12 fire companies under Assistant Chief Earl Richardson. Two large trucks also were ruined in the Solomon yard.

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