Tsunami Advisory Issued for Los Angeles County (CA) Coastline

Following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami striking Northern Japan, the NOAA’s National Weather Service West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center has issued a Tsunami Advisory for the costal areas of Los Angels County, California. A Tsunami Advisory indicates that a tsunami capable of producing strong currents or waves dangerous to persons in or very near the water is expected. Significant, widespread inundation is not expected for areas under an advisory. Currents may be hazardous to swimmers, boats, and coastal structures and may continue for several hours after the initial wave arrival. 
Current intelligence indicates a 3-foot surge may impact the coastline of Los Angeles County. The impact of this event has the potential of lasting 10-12 hours beginning at 8:00am PST. Mariners are advised to use caution and monitor the National Weather Service Tsunami Warning website along with the news for updates. Persons in the Tsunami advisory coastal areas should move out of the water and stay off the beach. Those in harbors and marinas should follow Coast Guard and Harbor Master recommendations. At this time evacuation of the Los Angles County coastline is not expected.

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