Ladder Arrives But Can’t Get In

Ladder Arrives But Can’t Get In

There is one story that has been going the rounds so long in boating circles that the tale has been accepted without any dispute. It is about the fellow who built a boat in the cellar of his house during the winter, and could not get it out in the spring when completed.

The Fire Department of Sudbury, Ont., has a parallel one. When a new aerial ladder was delivered, it was found that there was not very much clearance between the side of the truck and the door of the fire station. As the building was close to the street, if a car was parked on the opposite side, the ladder could not get out.

After the truck finally did get in through the doors, the floor of the station started to sag. Men had to rush to the basement to prop up the floor so that the ladder would not fall through.

Although the department has the aerial, it now has to widen the doors of the fire house, place a new floor and make other changes to accommodate the new arrival.

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