Los Angeles (CA) Fire Deparment Admits Exaggerating Response Times

Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department (LAFD) officials told the Los Angeles Times Friday that the department exaggerated response times to make it seem like firefighters were arriving at incidents faster than they actually were (http://lat.ms/yirwEL).

The admission comes amid a candidates’s condemning fire department cuts that allegedly led to longer emergency response times.

Relying on LAFD reports presented to lawmakers, the candidate, Austin Beutner, said that in 2008 the fire department responded to medical emergencies within five minutes 86 percent of the time. After the cuts, the department last year met that standard just 59 percent of the time, he said.

In the wake of these claims, however, LAFD officials said the initial statistics came from a flawed formula that the department continued to use despite the fact that it was generating incorrect numbers.

For the full report on this story, visit http://lat.ms/yirwEL.


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