Large Apartment Fire Discussed by Westchester Chiefs

Large Apartment Fire Discussed by Westchester Chiefs

A lengthy discussion on the handling of the fire which occurred in the Chatsworth Apartment Building, Larchmont, N. Y., and the part played in handling it by the Plan, was a feature of the regular meeting of the Fire Chief’s Emergency Plan, for March. The meeting was held at Fire Headquarters. Eastchester Township Fire Department. Tuckahoe, N. Y., on the evening of March 17, with an attendance of 126.

The Plan was welcomed by Chief Arthur Steuhl, of the Eastchester department. The question was raised as to the purchase of a cache of salvage covers, to be placed at some central point in the county, so that they would be available for any department on short notice in case of a large fire, such as that at the Chatsworth Apartments. The matter was laid over until a later meeting.

Judge Hoop spoke on two bills before the New York legislature and on charter revision from a firemanic standpoint. One bill provided that the proposed Fire Marshal must have had five years experience as a volunteer fireman, which the judge considered a good thing. Another bill was intended to take away the authority of village trustees, regarding the appointment of Chiefs elected by Fire Departments. There was considerable discussion pro and con as to the wisdom of curtailing this authority.

Assistant Chief Siller spoke of an invitation from Captain Cashman, of the New York Fire Patrol, to the fire officers of Westchester to attend a training school on April 4, at the 157th Street Station, in which those present will take part in the work of salvage under the captain’s supervision. He thought it would be a splendid opportunity to learn the principles of salvage at first hand.

Chiefs Le Vino and Benrimo described the fighting of the fire in the upper stories of the Chatsworth Apartments, and the part taken by the various assisting departments in this large fire. At the end of their talks, there was a general discussion on the fire. It was generally accepted that the Plan had functioned 100 per cent in assistance, that the fire had been well handled and that an excellent fire stop had been made.

Sympathy was extended to Assemblyman Ralph Gamble on the death of his wife. The Chair appointed as Nominating Committee Judge Wiley Travis, Ex-President Kroh, and Ex-Chief Sullivan, Chief Steuhl and Ex-Chief Mulcahey.

The next meeting, it was decided, would be held at Montrose, N. Y. on Wednesday, April 21. Refreshments were served after the meeting.


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