Large Gasoline Fire at Sacramento

Large Gasoline Fire at Sacramento

A spark, apparently from a gasoline truck motor in a shed of the Hancock Oil Company just outside the northern city limits of Sacramento, Calif., on the main highway between the West Coast and Reno, U. S. 40, caused a $190,000 fire which destroyed 180,000 gallons of gasoline and oil and injured at least ten persons on January 19.

The fire menaced 375,000 additional gallons of petroleum products and it was only the herculean efforts of firemen from Sacramento and four nearby communities that saved storage tanks of six other companies.

Fire Chief Terence Mulligan of Sacramento directed the combined efforts of the firemen.

Three of the injured were firemen who suffered broken legs and burns when a tank blew up. The others were spectators who were either knocked down by automobiles or trampled in running to escape an explosion.

The shattering blast shook an area of several miles. It was followed by three others in rapid succession as gasoline fumes ignited.

The fire was the fourth big one in the area in a period of two weeks, although no sabotage was discovered in any instance.

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