Late Fire Items of Interest.

Late Fire Items of Interest.

W. A. Sill has been appointed chief of the Taylor. Tex., fire department.

The Ahrens Fire Engine company has been awarded a contract for a first-size Continental steamer for Omaha. Neb., and another contract for a second-size Continental for St. Paul, Minn.

The friends of Chief Hort n of Baltimore, will be pleased to learn that he has recovered sufficiently from the severe accident which he met with some weeks ago as to be able to leave his home.

In South Dakota the nineteen fires started by gasoline caused losses of $5,200, with insurance of $15,700. Tn many of these fires the loswas on contents of buildings alone, with no damage to building.

Nelson Sadlemine appointed fire chief in Watervliet, N. Y., with Joseph Fadden and Patrick H. Rogers, his assistants and W. J Smith, superintendent of fire-alarm. During 1907 forty-nine alarms, of which two were false, were turned in. There were four actua’ fires at which the total loss was $217,111 with an insurance of $42,750.

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