Latest Patents.

Latest Patents.

The following list of patents, granted since our last issue, is expressly reported to this journal by F. B. Keefer, solicitor of patents, attorney in trade marks, etc., Loan and Trust building, Washington, D. C., from whom copies may be obtained at 25 cents each : 517,488, filter, C. H. Schultz, Jr., New York, N. Y.; 517,780, fire extinguisher, J. Van Kalker & N. Bolt, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 517,731, hose reel, W. N. Casson, Marinette, Wis.; 517,647, water-gauge, J. C. Ruramei, Sheridan, Wyoming; 517,572, water heater, E. Hayes, Rochester N Y.; 561,667, water motor, J. W. Shipley, Baltimore, Md.; 57.552. water purifying apparatus, J. H. McDonald, N. Y.

519,213, electric fire alarm, I,. A. Werner, Boston, Mass.; 519,234 fire-escape truck, E. Cardarelli, Sumter, S. C.; 519,136, hose bridge, II. Sandrock, New York, N. Y.

518,272 fire escape, W. S. Barman, Stillwater, Okla.; 518,258 fire extinguishing apparatus, A. L. E. I-echartier, Baris, Franee ; 518,227 water module or delivery regulator, A. A. D’Ebro, Melbourne, Viet.; 518,282 water wheel regulator, C. li. Sessions, San Francisco, Cal.

518,722, Fire Alarm Box, II. II. Kirnan, Bayonne, N. J. 518.659, Fire Escape, F. M. Bender, Louisville, Ky. 518,920, Fire Escape, C. K. Harvey, Waterloo, Canada. 518,633, Fire Escape, J. J. Steur, Albany, N. Y. 518,814, Fire Hose, J. G. Von llofe, New York, N Y. 518.776, Water supply system for fire pumps or engines, G.*G. Campbell, Milwaukee, Wis. 518,805, Hose leak stop, J. B. Cooper, Minneapolis, Minn. 518,866, Automatic water feeder, C. A. Southwick, Peabody, Mass. 518,599, Water wheel, A. J. Gould, Quincy, Cal. 518.795 Turbine wheel, J. II. Staples, Boston. Mass.

519,497 Electric Fire Alarm Transmitter, A. Dunbh, Ravenna, O. 519.615 Fire-Escape, 1). N. Mcl-eod, S. 1-ancaster, Mass. 519,397 Fire-Escape, C. L. Sturtevant, Plainfield.

N. J. 519.499 Fire-Escape Ladder, W. O. Ellis, Takoa, Washington. 519,312 Adjustable Hose Coupling, E. R. Arthur, Portage, Wis. 519,660 Hydrant, T. A. Brookes, Denver, Col. 519.382 Safety Water Column, E. Engel, Cleveland,

O. 519,597 Electrical Water Wheel Governor, E. P. Wetmore, Helena, Mont.


190,342 fire escape, E. B. Lake; 190,357, sewer trap, H. A. Palmer; 190,154, water governor, C. Neab.

Latest Patents.

Latest Patents.


Pneumatic fire alarm, A A. Lehman, Baltimore, M. D.; fire escape, W. J. McCollom, Paterson, N. J.; hose reel, A. D. Coplin, Oakland, Cal.; lightning arrester, H. G. Osburn, Chicago, I11.; signal box, W. E. Decrow, Boston, Mass.; construction of reservoirs, P. A. J. Monier, St. Denis, France; thermostatic regulator, E. C. Merrill, Allegheny, Pa.; boiler, R. Davies, Birkenhead, England.

Alarm, J. H. Pruitt, Markton, Ala.; alarm, H. W. Rey- nolds, Long Branch, N. J.; alarm cabinet, A. Stromberg, Chicago, Ill.; electric light holder, L. S. Pfouts, Canton, O.; elevator, J. H. lardy, Glencoe, Minn.; water filter, J. Davis (two patents), San Francisco, Cal.; fire alarm apparatus, C. h. Scribner, Chicago, Ill.; fire escape, J. B. Stott, Aurora,

S. IX; portable tower platform fire escape, J. A. & H. Volz, Baltimore, Md.; fire ladder. R. Brayton, Grand Rapids, Mich.; pipe coupling, J. Lister, Chicago, Ill.; rotary motor, R. Hewson, San Francisco, Cal.; disk water meter, J. A. Tilden, Hyde Park, Mass.