Latex Rubber Makes Smoky Fire

Latex Rubber Makes Smoky Fire

More than 30 persons fled from a two story Los Angeles latex rubber processing plant and upstairs hotel on August 30 when a $100,000 fire gutted the structure during the morning rush hour.

Clouds of black smoke poured front the building as the stubborn fire, fed by 50-gallon drums of chemicals, roared out of control for nearly an hour.

Main St., in the 1800 block where the fire occurred, was at times completely obscured by the dense smoke.

The two alarm fire brought five engines, two trucks, a squad, and a salvage truck from the Los Angeles Fire Department to the scene.

Headquarters Asst. Chief Frank Winkler, Acting Division Chiet W. D. Nash, and Battalion Chief Joe Winn directed control of the fire.

Engine 30 pulled up adjacent to the burning building and its battery was brought into play and started pouring water into the structure. Engine 10 pumped to Engine 30 from an exposed position, also adjacent to the building, so Engine 15’s battery was brought into play to protect the other two rigs and also wet the fire.

At one time firemen had to retreat when the heavy appliances were turned off before the fire was completely cooled, and the flames broke out again.

Dense clouds of black smoke and flames pour from burning rubber factory and hotel on S. Main Street in Los Angeles. Fire was controlled after hour fight by L. A. city firemen.

L. A. F. D. Photo by Kalpakoft

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