WHAT are the three prime functions of a modem industrial journal such as FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING?

Our readers will be interested in the definitions adopted by the N. Y. Business Publishers’ Association for their new Course in Industrial Journalism, because they so fully agree with our aims and aspirations for the publishing of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. They are:


To take the leadership in gathering and spreading information within its special field.


To promote the interests and aid the development of the industry it serves.


To provide a clearing house for trade ideas and business possibilities in its field.

It is for you, our readers and our advertisers, to say whether our efforts to live up to this ideal are successful.

We are devoting our entire energies to serving you, and it will help us a lot if you will send us from time to time your frank criticisms and suggestions regarding FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as it is, and as you would like to have it. Can you help us improve your magazine?

Thank you.

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