Three Papers on Laws Affecting Water Works Read Before December Meeting of Association—Big Attendance and Lively Discussion

THE December meeting of the New England Water Works Association was practically given over to the consideration of the various legal phases of water supply, three papers on these subjects being presented and discussed. The meeting was held at the Boston City Club, corner of Somerset Street and Ashburton Place. Boston. Mass., on Tuesday afternoon, December 9, following the customary luncheon, and brought forth one of the largest attendances of the year. The executive committee met as usual in the morning at the headquarters of the association in Tremont Temple.

The first of these papers was “A Discussion of the Public Health Laws Relating to Water Supply” by Arthur D. Weston, assistant engineer of the Massachusetts Department of Health. The other papers were “A Discussion of the Law Relating to the Financing of Municipal Water Works” by Theodore N. Waddell, Director of Accounts, Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation, and “A Discussion of the Law Governing the Taking of Private Property,” by Philip Nichols, attorney, of Boston.

President Stephen H. Taylor, superintendent of water works, New Bedford, Mass., presided at the meeting and introduced the speakers.

Mr. Weston in his paper stated that the general term health laws was applied to the entire group of laws relating to water supply and public health. He said that it would be a good idea to have all these laws printed together in pamphlet form for the benefit of water works men. In closing, Mr. Weston thanked his chief engineer, X. H. Goodenough, and the latter’s stenographer, Miss Drake, for their aid in the preparation of the paper.

Theodore N. Waddell in his paper pointed out that it was almost impossible to establish a municipal water supply in Massachusetts without special legislation. He said that a water supply is a recognized public service and should be operated as such; that these rates should be charged to every water taker and that all revenue and surplus taken in should be reserved for the water supply department.

The last regular speaker on the program was Attorney Philip Nichols, who read a masterly review of the origin and history of the “Law of Eminent Domain.”

President Taylor told of a dispute as to water rights in Southern Massachusetts between the industrial cities of New Bedford, Taunton, and Fall River, resulting in what is known as the “Tri-City Agreement,” giving the three cities joint rights to the ponds in the Lakeville district. Ex-Mayor Coughlin, of New Bedford, described the plan arrived at after much discussion and said it constituted an ideal arrangement. Taunton and New Bedford are now using water from Long Pond and Fall River has its rights in reserve.

Among those who took part in the discussion were Frank A. Barbour, consulting engineer, of Boston, who said that he believed the diversion of water works income to other municipal departments was illegal from the standpoint of water consumers; Charles W. Sherman, of the firm of Metcalf & Eddy, well known consulting engineers of Boston; David A. Heffernan, superintendent of water works in Milton, Mass.; George A. King, superintendent of water works at Taunton, Mass.; Henry V. Macksey, superintendent of public works, Framingham. Mass., who brought up the question of making consumers guarantee revenue, and said it was not right to make water takers of today pay for improvements to be made in the future; President Taylor, who told of the 6 per cent of cost guarantee that was increased to 8 per cent, in New Bedford: H. J. Goodale, town manager of Middleboro. Mass.; Secretary Frank J. Gifford, superintendent of the Dedham Water Company; B. W. Vaughan, superintendent of water department, Everett, Mass.; and A. R. Hathaway, water registrar, of Springfield. Mass.

Stephen H. Taylor, President, N. E. W. W. A., New Bedford, Mass.

Upon motion by Mr. Barbour a rising vote of thanks was tendered the authors of the three papers. It was voted to send a note of greeting and a basket of fruit to Leonard Metcalf, who is convalescing after an operation.

President Taylor announced that he would appoint a memorial committee to draw up resolutions on the deaths of Prof. George C. Whipple and John F. Reagan, Jr.

The following tentative future program was announced: January 13. “Corrosion,” by Frank N. Speller, metallurgical engineer, of Pittsburgh. Pa.; “Remedial Measures to Correct Corrosion in the Coolgardie Pipe Line in Australia.” by Col. Francis F. Longley. February 10, “Symposium on Diesel Engines,” with the principal paper by C. B. Jahnke, chief engineer of the Fairbanks-Morse Company. March 10, “The New Intake of the New Bedford Water Supply,” by S. H. Taylor and F. A. Barbour. Additional future papers: “The Electric Pumping Plant of the Kennebec Water District,” by Arthur L. Shaw, of Metcalf and Eddy; “The Case for Fair Rates of Ansonia, Conn.,” by Nicholas S. Hill. Jr., consulting engineer, New York City; and “Some Results of Pipe Cleaning,” by Burt B. Hodgman, of the National Water Main Cleaning Company.

The Executive Committee announced the election of five new members and one new associate member as follows: Members: Richard G. Taylor, of Brookline, Mass., associate professor of sanitary engineering, Massachusetts Institute of technology; Andrew B. Maury, of the water works conservation department, City Hall. Jersey City, N. J.; Guy S. Deming, of Summit, N. J., hydraulic engineer with the Merritt-Chapraan, and Scott Corporation, marine sailors and contractors, New York City; William G. Schneider, of the Copper and Brass Research Association, New York City; and Stuart E. Coburn, of Wollaston, Mass., chemist with the firm of Metcalf and Eddy, Boston, Mass. The Dyar Sales and Machinery Company, of Cambridge, was elected to associate membership.

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December Meeting, N. E. W. W. A.

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There were 124 persons present at the luncheon and some others dropped in later for the meeting. The register of attendance was as follows:


F. N. Strickland, supt. w. w., Westfield, Mass.; John L. Barry, chemist, bd. pub. wks., Westfield, Mass, (guest); Stanley G. Kendall, city engr., Gardner, Mass.; Harry W. Dotten, asst. supt. w. w., Winchester, Mass.; Morrison Merrill, supt. w. and s. dept., Wakefield, Mass.; Charles E. Kendall, Winchester, Mass.; Edward Wright, Boston, asst, engr.. Mass, department public health; Oren E. Parks, superintendent public works, Westfield, Mass.; Henry F. P. Wilkins, water com., Marblehead, Mass.; B. W. Vaughan, superintendent water department, Everett, Mass.; John F. Sullivan, supt. water works, Chicopee. Mass.; D. K. MacNeil. Milton, Mass.; S. A. Agnew, supt w. w., Hingham, Mass.; W. J. Lumbert, supt. pub. wks., Saugus, Mass.; D. L. Agnew, supt. w. w., North Scituate, Mass.; J. A. Hoy, foreman, water dept., Worcester, Mass.; George W. Batchelder, water com., Worcester, Mass.; John F. Lucey, supt. w. w., Somersworth, N. H.; Richard H. Ellis, supt. pub. wks.. North Andover, Mass.; Frank Emerson, supt. w. w., Peabody, Mass.; Harry E. Holmes, Boston, asst, engr., Mass. dept. pub. health; N. LcRoy Hammond, asst, engr.. Mass. dept, pub health (guest); George A. Carpenter, city engr., Pawtucket, R. I.; Byron C. Bussey, asst. com. pub. wks., Pawtucket, R. I.; Francis H. Kingsbury, Boston, asst, engr., Mass. dept. pub. health; A. H. McDonald, supt. w. w.. Littleton, Mass.; George A. Cook. Littleton, Mass.; Fred L. Cushing, water reg., Medford, Mass.; George H. Snell, Attleboro, Mass.; Frank P. Hall, supt. w. w., Athol, Mass.; George F. Evans, supt. w. w., Manchester, Mass.; W. G. Classon, supt. w. w., Leominster, Mass.; H. T. Gidley, supt. water co., Fairhaven, Mass.; I. Walter Moore, Warren, Mass.; G. L. Covell, supt. Warren water district (guest); H. A. Hanscom, contractor, Boston, Mass.; F. L. Cole, superintendent board public works, Andover, Mass.; George Bowers, Lowell, Mass.; E. J. Titcomb, water com, Rochdale, Mass.; Paul S. Barry, water co., Dedham, Mass.; Harold K. Hughes, engr., Arkwright Mutual Fire Ins. Co. (guest); William P. Melley, Milton, Mass.; Charles J. Crump, asst. supt. w. w., Peabody, Mass.; Roger W. Esty, supt. w. w., Danvers, Mass.; Woodbury Hale, pur. agent, Boston Cons. Gas Co. (guest).

Peter Bolton, treas., Dracut water supply district, Dracut, Mass.; Arthur C. King, asst. supt. w. w., Taunton, Mass.; Dwight Porter, Malden, prof, emer., Mass. Inst. Tech.; Charles E. Hill, supt water dept., Falmouth, Mass.; Timothy W. Good, supt. w. w., Cambridge, Mass.; George A. King, supt. w. w., Taunton, Mass.; A. E. Blackmer, supt w. w., Plymouth, Mass.; George B. Howland, Plymouth, Mass.; H. J. Goodale, town mgr., Middleboro, Mass.; Henry V. Macksey, supt. pub. wks., Framingham, Mass.; William Naylor, supt. and reg., Maynard, Mass.; Raymond C. Allen, Boston, sec. met. water supply, inv. com.; Edwin H. Rogers, Boston, chief engr., Met. planning board; John L. Howard, Boston, Mass.; John C. Chase. Derry, N. H.; Walter F. Garland, supt. Dracut w. s. dist.; Warren W. Fox, com. Dracut w. s. dist.; George IT. Palmer, supt. Barnstable Water Co., Hyannis, Mass.; Henry A. Symonds, cons, engr., Boston, Mass.; T. G. Hazard, Jr., mgr. water co., Narragansett Pier, R. I.; ex-Mayor John T. Coughlin, Fall River, Mass, (guest); F. A. Barbour, cons, engr., Boston, Mass.; Robert Spurr Weston, cons, engr., Boston, Mass.; Frank J. Gifford, supt. water co., Dedham, Mass.; David A. Heffernan, supt. w. w., Milton, Mass.; Stephen H. Taylor, supt. w. w.. New Bedford, Mass.; Albert L. Sawyer, water reg., Haverhill, Mass.; Theodore N. Bristol, pres. Ansonia Water Co., Ansonia, Conn.; A. D. Weston, Boston, Mass.; dept. pub. health; F. E. Merrill, water com., Somerville, Mass.; Reeves J. Newson, com. of water supply, Lynn, Mass.; George A. Sampson, cons, engr., Boston, Mass.; A. C. Dickerman, supt. water co., East Providence, R. I.; A. R. G. Booth, senior asst, chemist, Mass, dept. pub. health; Harrie M. Howe, chairman bd. water coms., Palmer, Mass.; C. M. Kempton, Palmer, Mass, (guest); Henry A. Wyman, attorney, Boston, Mass, (guest); Theodore Waddell, Boston, Mass, (guest); Philip Nichols, attorney, Boston, Mass, (guest); R. D. Chase, New Bedford, Mass.; Samuel E. Killam, supt. dist. sec., Met. dist. com., Boston, Mass.; E. D. Eldredge, supt. w. w., Onset, Mass.; John P. Wentworth, cons, engr.; Boston, Mass.; Charles W. Sherman, cons, engr., Boston, Mass.; A. R. Hathaway, water reg., Springfield, Mass.; Desmond Fitzgerald, cons, engr., Brookline, Mass, (honorary member).


P. E. Kelly, Philadelphia, Pa., The Leadite Co.; J. W. Wickwire, Boston, gen. mgr., Edson Mfg. Corp.; W. F. Torrey, Jr., Boston, Edson Mfg. Corp.; Frank M. Bates, Boston, Waldo Bros. & Bond Co.; H. R. Prescott, sales agent, Worcester, Mass.; Gilbert H. Pratt, Newark, N. J., Wallace & Tiernan Co.; Charles E. Pratt, Indian Orchard, Mass., Chapman Valve Co.; Samuel Harrison, Cambridge, Mass., Worthington Pump & Mach. Corp.; H. W. Jacobs, Lynn, Mass., Cement Lined Pipe Co.; Joseph B. Conners, Boston, supt. National Water Main Cleaning Co.; F. C. Steere, Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Foundry; George A. Caldwell, Boston, Mass., George A. Caldwell Co.; T. Herman Smith, Boston, Hersey Mfg. Co.

A. A. Gathemann, Boston, dist. sales mgr., A. M. Byers Co.; R. W. Conrow, New York, sales mgr., The Central Foundry Co.; Raymond M. Simon, N. E. Rep., R. D. Wood & Co.; Edward S. Otis, Worcester, Mass., tres., Union Water Meter Co.; Guy C. Northrop, Worcester, Mass., Union Water Meter Co.

Lawrence C. Hough, Boston, Mass., dist. mgr., The Pitometer Co.; C. H. Stebbins, Boston, F. A. Houdlette & Sons; Arthur R. Taylor, Boston. The Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co.; Charles L. Brown. Northboro. Mass.. Rensselaer Valve Co.; W. H. McGarry. Jr.. Boston. Neptune Meter Co.; William H. Van Winkle, New York. Water Works Equipment Co.; R. J. Thomas. Lowell. Mass.. Gamon Meter Co.; Eugene P. Howard, Cambridge. sales mgr., Worthington Pump & Mach. Co.; W. A. Sherbrook. Boston. A. M. Byers Co.; H. S. Weston. Boston. National Meter Co.; W. P. Mosteller. Philadelphia. Pa.. U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Fdry. Co.; J. G. Lufkin. Boston. National Meter Co.; F. H. Hayes, Boston, Hayes Pump & Mach. Co.; Charles J. G. Haas. New York. H. Mueller Mfg. Co.; R. E. Ferguson. South Boston. Hersey Mfg. Co.; James F. McNulty. Boston, Chapman Valve Co.; F. L. Northrop. Boston. A. P. Smith Co.; M. L. Northrop, Boston, N. E. Rep.. Warren Fdry. & Mach. Co.; F. H. Dubois. Wakefield. Mass., Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co.

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