Saint Paul Firefighters IAFF Local 21

St. Paul (MN) Firefighters’ Union Serves City with Lawsuit over Vaccine Mandate

The St. Paul firefighters' union served a lawsuit on the city Wednesday over the coronavirus vaccine mandate for employees.
Firefighters on a hoseline

Judge: MA Man Who Tried to Interfere with Fire Operations Must Apologize

A man charged with burning his ex-girlfriend's car was ordered to write apology letters to a state trooper and firefighters after he tried to grab a hose they were using to put out the fire.

Report: Pol’s Son Claimed to Be 9/11 Firefighter to Get Out of FL Traffic...

The son of a New Jersey official falsely claimed to have been a FDNY firefighter during 9/11 and a current Miami firefighter responding to a call after he was pulled over for speeding with flashing lights in his vehicle on a Florida highway.
John K. Murphy

Qualified Immunity for the Fire Service

Qualified immunity protects firefighters and other officials from civil liability for following rules set forth by the laws they are sworn to uphold.
Fiery crash in Vegas

Judge Tells Ruggs’ Lawyers to Seek Fire Department Records Without Her

A judge told attorneys for Henry Ruggs III to get their own subpoena for fire department records about the fatal crash.
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TX Firefighter Suspended Following Domestic Violence Allegation Seeks Reinstatement

A San Antonio firefighter who was suspended indefinitely following allegations that he picked up his wife by her neck then threw her to the ground appeared before an arbitrator.
Fiery crash in Vegas

Lawyers: Witness Says Firefighting Slow in Fatal NV Crash

A witness said firefighters were slow to extinguish a vehicle fire sparked by a deadly crash that authorities blame on former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, his lawyers say.

Raleigh (NC) Firefighters, Cops May Sue Over COVID Vaccination Rules

More than 100 Raleigh police officers, firefighters, and other city employees are threatening legal action over vaccine requirements they say are discriminatory.
Brad Pinsky, Chip Comstock, Curt Varone, and John K. Murphy

Podcast: Fire Service Court

Chip Comstock, John K. Murphy, and Curt Varone discuss a variety of legal issues facing the fire service, including vaccine mandates and exemptions and more.
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Former Firefighter Sues SC City, Alleges Sexual Harassment, Assault

A former Columbia firefighter whose complaint touched off an internal investigation that unveiled a raucous, "over-sexed" environment at an Atlas Road firehouse is now suing the city.