Legislation Would Allow Georgia Firefighters to Carry Firearms

Georgia lawmakers have proposed legislation that would allow firefighters in the state to carry firearms on emergency calls.

The move comes nine months after a standoff in which a Gwinnett County man lured unarmed firefighters into his home and took them hostage.

USA Today (http://usat.ly/1bnb1i3) reports that Rep. Kevin Cooke, R-Carrollton, introduced a bill Thursday to permit firefighters to carry guns while on duty, if they wish, and if they have the permission of their superior officers.

In Gwinnett County, Fire Chief Casey Snyder stated in an email Thursday that he has no plans to allow his firefighters to arm themselves while they’re on duty, even if the legislature passes this bill.

Read more about the situation in Georgia at http://usat.ly/1bnb1i3.

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