Legislative Offices for California Fire Districts

Legislative Offices for California Fire Districts

Legislative offices have been established in Sacramento for the Special Districts Fire Association of California. Ancil Hoffman, Jr., and Bill Horne of Hoffman-Home Associates, will represent the SDFA which was organized to represent fire districts exclusively.

In authorizing the new program the SDFA executive board cited limited successes of available legislative activities and the need to better serve the member districts of the fast-growing organization.

Officers of the association are: President, Chief Hollis Williams, Citrus Heights Fire District; vice president, Chief Robert Whitney, Menlo Park Fire District; and secretary-treasurer, Chief Gerald Derr, Elk Grove Fire District. Executive board members include George spaulding, a director of Citrus Heights Fire District; Chief C. Bruce Scott, Scotts Valley Fire District; Lynn Pankhurst, a director of the Montgomery Fire District; Chief Lee Anderson, Pacific Fire District, and Deputy Chief Leonard Newcomb of the Kenwood Fire District.

Two fire fighters in the Englewood, Colo., Fire Department have designed a hydraulic clamp for large diameter hose. John Blanchard and Desmond Doss say that their Water-Brake can clamp 5-inch hose without anyone having to first lift the hose off the ground. Chief William A. Hamilton reports that every pumper in Englewood now carries one of the 39-pound hose clamps.

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