The works of the Lennox Machine company at Marshallton. Ia., have just been improved by the addition of a large two-story brick building, fitted with the latest and most improved tools and machinery. Hence, the company can turn out a thoroughly finished line of goods for the use of the waterworks men. Among these is a tapping and drilling machine which is in every respect complete, desirable, and equally serviceable for tapping water, gas, and other mains against pressure. By means of it, also, pocks and plugs can be inserted without

shutting off or in any way interfering with the pressure in the pipes and without taking the machine apart. This machine can take out a small cock, enlarge the hole, and put in a larger cock by screwing in the plug while making the change. It is also provided with a pinion and rack, and can be readily turned to place under the heavier pressure. It can tap any pipe up to thirty inches. It has been tested


at over 225 pounds pressure, and ts absolutely prool against accident while being operated. These machines, which have been on the market for over fourteen years, are well known throughout the United States, and have given, as they confine to give, entire satisfaction. Complete, it has very few parts. These include one each combined drill and stop, one-half-inch, five-eighths-inch, three-quarter-inch, and one-inch; one each screw or hex. plug, the same sizes as above, four malleable iron saddles, any size, and one chain for any size pipe. The machine has no extra parts for high-pressure, and, no matter what the pressure on the mains may he, there is no waste of water, as the gaskets between the saddles and the machine make it airtight.

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