Let’s Get Better Acquainted!

Let’s Get Better Acquainted!

ALL of you who have been readers of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING for the past year or two know that you can rightly consider it as your paper. We are only too glad to publish for you the kind of articles and the kind of information that you want.

BUT many of our readers are new and just getting acquainted with the paper. To you who have not known us long (and there is no harm in repeating it for the benefit of our older friends) we want to assure you that our columns are open to you at all times, for anything of interest to the water supply and fire protection fields.

TELL US what kind of articles you want. Ask us questions. Let us know what part of the paper interests you most.

IF you disagree with us, write and say so. If you are for us, we like to know it, too. In short, whatever interests you, our readers, interests us, and the more often you get in touch with us the better acquainted we will become and the better off you will be, because we will be able to serve you better.

SERVICE is the real test of the worthwhile paper nowadays. Write and tell us how we can best serve you!

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