Letter from a Manufacturer

Letter from a Manufacturer

Many readers have complimented us on the job we do in keeping them posted with the latest information in the field. However, they pay us double compliments when they tell our advertisers of their interest and the fact that it was stimulated by reading these pages.

When we receive letters, too, from manufacturers of fire equipment telling us of results far beyond their expectations, it is particularly gratifying.

Here’s a typical one:

“Since mention of our new product in the July issue of FIRE ENGINEERING we have been deluged with inquiries from dealers, individuals and fire departments. It is remarkable how it created so much interest and it is very pleasing to us.” The letter also mentioned that some of the requests for further information had come from outside the continental limits of the United States.

Bouquets such as this show the degree and extent of readership of these pages and assist us in measuring our progress. More importantly, they indicate significantly how well we are discharging our responsibility to both our readers and our advertisers as “The Journal of the Fire Protection Profession.”

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