Life safety code adopts criteria for care homes

Life safety code adopts criteria for care homes


The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) Fire Safety Evaluation System for Board and Care Homes has been incorporated into the 1985 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Life Safety Code.

Until now, fire safety codes, including the NFPA Life Safety Code, did not contain specific requirements for board and care homes.

The NBS evaluation system, inserted as an appendix to the code, is designed to upgrade fire safety and reduce fire protection costs in these occupancies. It provides a method of determining if the level of safety of the building in question meets the code’s requirements.

An estimated two-million elderly, physically handicapped, or developmentally disabled residents live in board and care homes in the United States.

The NFPA Life Safety Code is a “model” document used by many state and local jurisdictions. The federal government’s Health Care Financing Administration requires health care occupancies receiving federal funds to abide by the code’s requirements.

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