Light and Power Truck Has Hydraulic Lifts for Lamps

Light and Power Truck Has Hydraulic Lifts for Lamps

A need for additional lighting and power capacity expressed by Chief John DeRoos of the Evergreen Park, Ill., Fire Department did not go unanswered.

Last January, a new light and power wagon was completed and delivered to the department. The Evergreen Park Firefighters Club supplied the money for the project, and the work was done by club members, Captain John Hojek and Lieutenants Edward Clohessy and Patrick McGrail.

Before the light wagon was started, DeRoos made two recommendations, that its only purpose be light and power and that he design the system for raising the lights.

The chassis is a 1972 Ford with power steering and brakes and standard transmission. It has an oversize cabinet body with a roll top. The power is supplied by two 10,000-watt generators. One generator is wired for 220 volts to supply the six 1500-watt quartz lights. The other is wired for 110 volts to power hand lights, tools, fans, etc. The 110-volt power is also supplied to a hydraulic pump which provides power to raise and lower the light platforms. The generators were placed and mounted in the truck bed with a specially built duct to supply air to the generators without recirculation.

The lights have 360-degree swivel bases mounted on the light platforms. The platforms were constructed with 3/8inch aluminum sheet on angle iron framing. A hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the lights. An auxiliary 16-gallon gas tank supplies the two generators. Four reels mounted in the truck contains 1200 feet of electric wire.

A cabinet behind the driver contains all the electrical controls for all systems. All the controls are mounted on a hinged door with side panels to insure absolute protection to all the wiring and provide easy access for maintenance and repair. The total cost was approximately $9000.

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