Lighting Hazards Considered by Westchester Chiefs

Lighting Hazards Considered by Westchester Chiefs

Hazards in connection with illumination were considered by the members of the Fire Chiefs Emergency Plan of Westchester County at their regular meeting held in the Parish House of St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church. Larchmont, N. Y., on the evening of Wednesday, April 19. The occasion was a talk on the subject by George B. Cornell. Chief Electrical Engineer, Westchester Lighting Company.

Former Chief Woolley, President of the Plan, called upon Chief-Elect Frank Tierney, Larchmont Fire Department, and Fire Commissioner Arthur Loucks, Larchmont. who both expressed pleasure at having the Plan visit the village.

Captain Jean Riviere, first SecretaryTreasurer of the Plan, spoke of the work done by the “Father” of the Plan, Chief Towle, Larchmont, and, at the request of the Chair, all rose in respect to the memory of its first President. Captain Riviere then presented a brass bell and striker as a memorial to Chief Towle.

Chief John J. Brennan, Pelham Manor, described the work of -the Egj’ptian Fire Fighters’ Association, in Illinois. under the direction of Chief Albert Herring, Murphysboro, Chief Herring bad sent a letter to Chief Brennan, requesting that he bring the matter of the national wage-hour law, in connection with the small telephone exchanges, to the attention of the Plan. Under the provisions of the law, many small town exchanges would either be compelled to suspend operations, or curtail their hours, thus cutting off this method of notification of fires to the Fire Departments. It was voted to support the Egyptian Association in their protest against the sections of the law which would affect the reception of fire alarms by small communities.

The Nominating Committee reported the list of officers for the ensuing year. These were unanimously elected as follows:

President (Re-elected, third term)—ExBattalion Chief Roi B. Woolley. Larchmont.

First Vice-President (Re-elected, third term)—Chief Edward Barth, Elmsford. Second Vice-President (Re-elected)— Chief William Livingston. Tarrytown. Third Vice-President (Re-elected)—Chief Van De Water, HastlnKs-on-Hudson. Treasurer (Re-elected)——Assistant Chief Edward Siller. Yonkers.

Secretary (Re-elected)—Captain Howard Geer. Fire Headquarters, Rye.

Sergeant-at-Arms (Re-elected)—Captain Cornelius Falch. Portchester.

Directors (One Year)—Fire Commissioner Walter Dander. Fairvlew: Chief Thomas Jarvis. Katonah: Chief James Van Twist. Pleasantville. and Chief Ernest Smith. Croton-on-Hudson.

Mr. Cornell, in his address, offered the fullest cooperation with the Chiefs of Westchester County by his company, l ie pointed out the various hazards that would be met at fires, in connection with gas and electricity. In case of fires in sub-stations of the company, he cautioned the Chiefs to immediately get in touch with the attendant before starting to control the blaze, as great damage could be done by ignorant handling of such fires. In case of need, immediately call local office and there will be response within 10 or 15 minutes.

Roi B. Woolley President, Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan, Westchester County, N. V.

At the conclusion of his talk, a number of questions were asked by Chiefs present, which Mr. Cornell answered promptly.

Chief LeVino reported for the Fire Prevention Week Committee and described the various plans for observance of the period.

There were 195 present at the meeting. The next gathering is to be the Annual Dinner, which is to take place at the Elks Club, White Plains, on the evening of May 17. The October meeting is to be at Mamaroneck.

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