Springfield, Ill.—Lightning caused a fire loss of $313,031 in Illinois in September, according to the monthly report of State hire Marshal John G. Gamber. This was the largest loss due to any one cause and was almost one-third of the total fire loss for the state, which was $1,020,802. There were 105 lightning fires and all occurred in buildings which were not equipped with lightning rods.

Other principal causes of fire were: Spontaneous combustion, $43,666; explosions, $40,681; electricity, $29,024; matches and smoking, $20,580; defective flues, $20,425; stoves and furnaces, $15,087.

Largest losses by occupancies were: Hams and stables, $276,098; dwellings, $164,072: factories, $135,160; power houses, $100,160: warehouses, $58,010; stores, $56,402.

Six persons lost their lives and 13 were injured as a result of fire or burns.

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