[Reported for FIRE AND WATER]

Hose Coupling—Wm. Curlett, San Francisco, Cal.

Pump Plunger—J. S. Scott, Dell Roy, O.—It consists of a casing having within said casing an inverted cone.

Piston fordeep well pumps—D. B. Stevenson, Petrolia, Pa.—It, consists of a hollow piston barrel adapted to be secured to a piston and having side-delivery apertures near its upper end, packing rings upon the said piston barrel and a follower screw threaded upon the barrel over the packing, and hollowed into an amularcup around the barrel, below the said delivery ring.

Hose Nozzle—C. Callahan, Canton, Mass.—It embraces in its construction a duplex rotary shut-off plug consisting of an interior and an exterior member, each provided with a full port or way and a restricted one.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher—N. Hicks,Woonsocket, R. I.—It comprises a receptacle, a nozzle in the bottom thereof, a valve for closing said nozzle, a valve rod, one or more, acid cups hinged to the upper end of said rod, and thermally rcleaseable support for said valve rod.

Equalizer for Wuter Mains D. O’Donnell, Richmond, Va.



PATENTS EXPIRED JULY 9, 1889. Reported by F. B. Brock, Patent Attorney, 639 F street, Washington, D. C.

[These devices on the above date became public property, and may be freely used by anyone so disposed. Drawings and specifications of any patent will be furnished at cost, fifteen cents each, by Mr. Brock.]

J. Burns, vapor burner.

W. H. Russell, apparatus for burning hydrocarbons as fuel.

B. F. Penny, artificial fuel.

W. H. Spencer, manufacturer of gas.

J. N. Smith, hydrant.

S. P. M. Tasker, stop valve.

J. K. Saiger, nut lock.

F. H. Palmer, water-wheel.