Listen, Ye!

Listen, Ye!

ARE you interested in Fire Prevention? Foolish question No. 710. Of course you are! Well, then, don’t fail to read our Moving Picture Fire Prevention Campaign announcement on page 268 of this issue and the comment on the same in our editorial columns on page 280.

Remember, all of this is addressed to you personally. Enough said.

OF course, “Virtue is its own reward,” and all that sort of thing, but even so, in our struggles to improve FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and make it the topnotch journal of its kind, appreciation of our efforts is always a big help. This we are receiving in full measure and overflowing. Every mail brings stacks of letters from readers commenting favorably upon the improvement effected in our journal.

NATURALLY much of this credit is due to assistance and co-operation of our contributors, who have enabled us to present to the readers such admirable material as has appeared in the columns of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, so that all may share in the satisfaction of knowing that the ambition to improve has both been appreciated and pronounced successful.

HERE are a couple of letters culled from the many received which are typical of those coming in from our correspondents.

“Just a word by way of congratulations on the wonderful improvements in operation in your very valuable magazine today to what it used to be some fifteen or sixteen years ago. Not that it was not excellent then, but today it is fully abreast of the times, and I cannot see how any fire department of any description can be without it.”—F. DUBOIS, Chief, Fire Department, Kenora, Ont.

“Find check enclosed for $3.00 and credit same to my subscription and send receipt. I consider your paper the best on the market in my line of work and could not keep house without. it.”— JOHN O. SHEWMAN, Chief, Pomona, Cab, Fire Dept.

SOME of the letters received contain very useful suggestions as to improvement in our editorial columns, and these are especially welcome. If you have any ideas or suggestions in connection with either Fire or Water Department practice send ’em in to us. Every one will be a help and an encouragement.

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