Lives Lost by Cleaning Home

Lives Lost by Cleaning Home

An explosion from gasoline in an electric washer destroyed a twelve-room, three-story brick home in one of the finest residential sections of Toronto, Canada, and was the cause of three people losing their lives.

The adults in the house wanted to clean their curtains. They placed the soiled material in an electric washer in which they

Toronto Home Destroyed by Explosion in Electric Washing Machine Filled with Gasoline.

placed some gasoline. The father of the household, just before he died, stated that sparks from the motor on the washer caused the explosion.

The fire department received an alarm by telephone. Two American-LaFrance triple combination pumpers and one 1,000gallon Got fred son Bickle pumper were sent in command of District Chief Jones. When the first company arrived the whole house was afire, flames were shooting about fifty feet into the air, and the adjoining building had caught on fire.

Another alarm was turned in bringing Chief Russell, Deputy Chief McClain, two American-LaFrance triple combination pumpers, 1 85-foot American LaFrance aerial truck, 1 Seagrave hose and chcmical truck and the emergency car of the gas company.

Five hose streams were played on the building and in about one-half hour the fire was out and every one in the family with the exception of the baby had been accounted for. Searches were made in the ruins for the child. Floodlights were sent up from the Toronto Transportation Commission and after two hours of diligent work, the body of the child was found.

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